Clothing style: which one to choose to get through the winter?

As you know, winter is the time of year when it is very cold. It is therefore essential to dress well during this period to feel comfortable and at ease. To do this, it is not a question of superimposing clothes on the body, but rather it is simply necessary to resort to the art of dressing well to be better protected against the cold while being well styled. To get through the winter well, reading this article will help you discover the style of clothing to choose.

Opt for the triple layer rule

In winter, the three-layer rule works best. You don’t want to wear three jumpers at once because you’ll get cluttered and that will certainly make you uncomfortable. So, for the upper body, you need a bodysuit or pantyhose that goes well with your waist. It is best to choose bright colours so that you don’t sweat too much during the day. So your first layer, like a triple layer, is ready. For your second layer, choose a shirt or a stylish camisole if you want to wear a skirt or trousers at the bottom. Finally, put on a chunky cardigan, wool coat or jacket to complete your three-layer style. The advantage of the three-layer clothing style is that you will have the ease of undressing during the day if you find yourself in the throes of heat.

Jeans or a trapeze skirt for the bottom

When you don’t like the winter jumper dress, then you can opt for trapeze skirts or jeans to protect you during the winter period. When you opt for a trapeze skirt, you also need to double up on your bottom layer. To do this, you should choose a pair of tights in a colour that best suits your taste. For the type of tights to choose, thin tights are generally recommended. After putting on these, you can put on your leggings or the suede skirt.

If you opt for trousers, then jeans or some kind of velvet might be just right for you. After this top-to-bottom layering, put on your socks and trainers. If you want to wear boots, make sure they are waterproof. Finally, if you want, put a cap on your head to protect your ears from the cold.

In short, you don’t dress in winter like every other day of the year. However, you can still look good if you opt for the three-layer fashion as described above.